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Engaging Preschool Activities and Curriculum

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Dive into early childhood education with the Jump Smart Early Learning Academy of Chicago, Illinois. We offer a unique, play-based preschool program, because we believe children learn best through play. We feel that learning social skills is the foundation for academic success, and we design our preschool curriculum and activities around this principle.

Early Preschool (2–5 Years)
When the children arrive they are allowed to make choices on visiting morning centers or selecting activites. Activites range from blocks, dramatic or reading areas, sensory play or table games.  The morning program continues with small group and individualized instruction designed based on each childs learning style.  Our curriclum is created to meet the needs socially and academicallyof our children.  We use a variety of teaching strategies that help children develop problem solving and reasoning skills.  Our field trips are both fun and educational and contribute to the overall success of our program. 


The children learn Spanish vocabulary from our bi-lingual teacher Mr. Alvarez through music, games and movement.  Research has shown that incorporating games and music while practicing a foreign language actually helps children master lanquage quicker. Learning a second language not only exposes your child to another culture but gives them a bigger view of the world

Teaching Strategies

Our teachers understand that we all learn differently therefore, we incorporate many teaching methods that appeal to the different learning styles of our children.  The project approach is one of the methods we use because it follows the children's interests and encourages exploration and critical thinking. The teacher becomes the facilator, observing and motivating each child to think freely without the fear of criticism. There are many opportuties for collaborations and small group work with peers.  Project work helps children practice new skills, such as observational drawings, asking questions, jornaling. and  learning new vocabulary.  This is rewarding for children because it builds confidence and creates an environment for learning, while participating in activities that are meaningful and help children learn about their world.

STEM Program – Science*Technology*Engineering*Math
STEM means creating learning environments that allow children to be more active. Whenever that happens, they are engaged in their own learning.

We are” Happy” to announce that October 2014 we officially added new STEM areas to our program. We believe that incorporating STEM increases the skills that are critical for children’s success. Our STEM program offers opportunities to explore, observe, problem solve individually and in small group projects.  Our teachers become more intentional about how to provide our children with the structure to build upon their natural inclination to investigate.  STEM connects them to the natural environment providing authentic experiences through trial and error during play.  These valuable lessons help to foster critical thinking and reasoning skills. We believe this eventually sparks interest in STEM careers in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. View the video and see how our children use open ended materials to share their creativity.  

STEM Work at Jump Smart Early Learning Academy

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